Secure Destruction

In today's environment, privacy and confidentiality is more important than ever before. Identity theft is becoming a real issue. The secure disposal of your sensitive business and personal information is vital. When it comes to protecting your name and reputation, disposing of your product and information in a secure facility with guaranteed respect for your privacy, is paramount.


Waste Away offers a secure product destruction service to satisfy both commercial and domestic requirements. We are a government accredited facility, certified to the highest attainable level, providing a friendly, reliable service that meets all confidentiality and security requirements. From the storage of your product at your site through to the collection, transportation and final destruction, we ensure protection of your brand, business name and product details at all times.

What we destroy?

• Business records
• Personnel records
• Medical/health records
• Contracts and tenders
• Electronic equipment & hard disk drives

We can also collect and securely dispose of:

• Product recall items
• Out-of-date stock
• Promotional merchandise


Collection method

We utilise 240 litre wheelie bins for the collection of paper and e-waste for secure destruction. These can be supplied locked or open and can be provided as a one off or regular service.  Larger quantities of computers,  product recall items, damaged stock etc. can be collected by the pallet load.

Destruction method

Waste Away's destruction method is tailored to the type of product being destroyed, whether it is recalled product, seized items, or confidential paperwork. All products are transported in an accredited vehicle and held in a secure bonded area prior to destruction. Product is then pulverised through a hammer mill or shredder according to your ‘confidential’, ‘secret’ or ‘top secret’ requirements.

Recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard & steel are recovered for re-use following the destruction process. Any non-recyclable residuals are compacted and disposed of under supervision at an approved landfill through a secure burial process.

Upon request, a Destruction Certificate is issued at the completion of all work. This specifies the product type, its quantity, and date destroyed.

Waste Away's product destruction service complies with the highest industry standards for operational safety and quality and all staff performing destruction operations have undergone police checks.

Want to know more?

For enquiries or more information about our Secure Destruction services,
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